Why TSI?

Highest Standards

TSI sets the standard in our industry. Many major companies have relied on us for over 34 years to be their partner in successfully marketing and promoting their products. We believe in a proactive approach when it comes to problems or issues that may arise, we feature a detailed production checklist ensuring performance and accountability.

Dedicated Account Representatives

Each customer is assigned to an account representative whose responsibility is to ensure the success of their job.  These professionals offer our clients the most attentive and responsive service and will ensure your projects will be handled in the most expeditious and economical manner.

Fast and Affordable Shipping

TSI utilizes cost-effective shipping to promptly deliver your products.  This is made possible because of established close partnerships with carriers that offer multiple service levels and shipping rates for your orders.

Personalized Services

We customize our services to answer the needs of each client—one size does not fit everyone.  We offer flexibility, responsiveness, proficiency and value.

Technical Service

TSI offers at no charge, inventory management and online order fulfillment tracking.

Pick-up and Delivery

Our own drivers will pick up and deliver your materials. This convenient feature is available at no cost to our Manhattan customers. 

Commodified Service of Shared Fulfillment

You can customize your own labels/packaging based on your specs, so you can maintain your branding. We enable you to label and pack your items with your company details and customized packaging using your logo.